Week 5 Meatless Meals: Santa Fe Squash Boats

This week, squash is the star of the show. I know, I get it. Squash? But yes, SQUASH. It may sound a little off as a main dish, but add in black beans, corn, and flavorful peppers, and I promise you will be spooning up these leftovers the next day (and it’s healthy so no need to feel guilty!) In fact, leftovers are my favorite part about this. You will definitely have extras, and the filling is SO versatile!

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Week 4 Meatless Meals: Bruschetta Portobello Mushroom Burgers

So… I have a confession to make. I was terrified of making these portobello burgers. There’s something so daunting to me about portobello mushrooms for some reason. What if they come out leathery, or watery, or bland? I would never post a recipe I didn’t truly enjoy, so I went so far as to plan a back up meal just in case. That being said, if you’re anything like me and scared to try it,  let me tell you, your future self will thank you.  Continue reading “Week 4 Meatless Meals: Bruschetta Portobello Mushroom Burgers”

Week 1 Meatless Meals: Blackened Fish Tacos with Chipotle-Lime Sauce

It’s officially Week 1 of the 6 Part Blog Series of Meatless Meals. For those of you that missed it on my Instagram Story, I will be posting one meatless meal every Wednesday in hopes of getting it to you early enough if you want to make it Friday– six weeks should leave us at the Friday right before Easter!

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