Week 1 Meatless Meals: Blackened Fish Tacos with Chipotle-Lime Sauce

It’s officially Week 1 of the 6 Part Blog Series of Meatless Meals. For those of you that missed it on my Instagram Story, I will be posting one meatless meal every Wednesday in hopes of getting it to you early enough if you want to make it Friday– six weeks should leave us at the Friday right before Easter!

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Why You Should Never Love Your Stepchild

Put down your proverbial pitchforks. I get this is the land of social media and not everyone knows me personally, but if you did (or if you do), you would know the unwavering love I have for my stepson. He was my whole life before I had my daughter, and now they are my whole life. Point blank.

So, great… She loves her stepchild, tell me again why we’re here then? Why would anyone say you shouldn’t love your stepchild? Well, anyone with a heart, anyway… Continue reading “Why You Should Never Love Your Stepchild”

Christmas Cookie Party

I want to first apologize for being absent for so long. When I first started Mom and a Half, I promised myself it was going to be fun, & if ever I felt pressured or stressed to write just for the sake of a keeping up with the blog world, then I would stop and refocus on my family. Well, safe to say that with the chaos of the holidays, my focus has happily been 100% on my family (and decorating and wrapping and cooking and trying to balance how much sugar kids are allowed to have per day between left over halloween candy & candy canes left by their Elf on the Shelf.) It’s been crazy. And this Christmas Cookie Party was no different. Continue reading “Christmas Cookie Party”